What is White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO? What are its practices or Techniques?


By Palak oak
Sep 18, 2021

White hat SEO:

Is simply the practice of optimizing your website for organic search using techniques that are approved by Google & other search engines. It includes an ethical way to improve your ranking. As 86% of search occurs on Google, it is important to understand Google’s guidelines for SEO. As Google says, “You should build a website that benefits your users.” Since Google puts users first, it views the pages of your website as a guide to serving the information they need. Those pages should be as easy to read as possible.

As SEOs, we always blame Google for low search rankings, but look at your website and ask, “Are users having a good experience?” If your keyword rankings have dropped, this is likely why. Google’s key objective is to provide relevant information that relates to the topic and intent of a user’s search. If you want your website to rank higher by using the white hat SEO techniques, an SEO agency in Denver does this, your website will rank well.

Google and other search engines recommend using white hat SEO practices. Some of the best White hat SEO practices are:

  • High-quality content with a mix of  text, images, and video
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Fast page load speed and It’s responsiveness
  • Descriptive keywords and meta tags
  • Structured and easy to navigate for users

We are the best SEO company in Denver that uses White hat SEO techniques & help users:

  • To better understand or experience the page and
  • Provide ranking signals to search engines.
  • Optimizes Meta tags, Page titles and Meta descriptions.


Black hat SEO

Is simply an attempt to improve rankings in ways that are not approved by Google and other search engines. Some of the black hat techniques to increase a website’s ranking are:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Invisible text
  • Doorway pages
  • Duplicate content
  • Link farming

If you are caught using black hat techniques, your website can be penalized through lower rankings or even banned from the SERPs altogether.


Grey hat SEO

As the name suggests this lies between white and black hats. Grey hat SEO practices also won’t protect you from Google updates. Grey hat SEO best practices such as:


  • Cloaking
  • Purchasing old domains
  • Duplicate content
  • Link buying
  • Social media automation and purchasing followers


What happens when you violate the SEO guidelines approved by Google?


When you break the optimization guidelines approved by Google, you will face many consequences. Some of the consequences of engaging in Gray Hat and Black Hat techniques are:

  • Get blacklisted from the Search Results
  • Experience a temporary loss of your website rankings
  • Get a Google Penalty

Get blacklisted from Search Results: Engaging in Black Hat SEO or Grey Hat SEO can get you blacklisted from search results. This means that all the effort you put into ranking your website and individual blog posts and pages can come undone if it is by an unethical Black Hat SEO strategy.

Experience a temporary loss of your website rankings: If Google detects that your tactics fall under Black Hat SEO, you can temporarily lose your website’s search engine ranking on Google. Google will lower your website’s rank until you address that issue or undo your Black Hat SEO activities.

Get slapped with a Google Penalty: Google issues either a manual penalty or an algorithmic penalty to your website. Google has an in-house spam check team that does a manual review of websites and penalizes ones that may come as unethical.

Looking at the future of SEO, focusing on user experience has become more important. We, the best SEO agency in Denver, recommend you to use White Hat SEO Techniques.



An effective SEO campaign takes time and expertise. We at ExpertSeo services are the best SEO agency in Denver that takes a significant amount of work off your shoulders and uses Expertise knowledge of SEO to create a successful ROI. 

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