What is keywords research? Why is it important?


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Sep23, 2021

The First step in any SEO process and an essential part of any SEO strategy. If you want to establish an online presence you need to create your website. Before you create your website you need to research the search term your audiences use in order to establish target them.


What is Keyword Research in SEO?

The search term or query the audience uses must relate to your business and they are called Keywords. Keywords research in SEO is those words or phrases that help search engines in identifying topics that your website content will cover.

Keyword research is the process of finding these popular keywords that are relevant for your business and can drive traffic to your website called Keyword Research. On your website, each page on your site should include the page’s content that discusses the page topic.

An SEO agency in Seattle will do a keyword research process to find out the keywords based upon your business. Based on the targeted keywords you can start writing your website content that is of high quality and useful. Most keywords will be discovered during the keywords research process and are chosen based on a combination of:

  • Search volumes
  • Based on competition  
  • Commercial intent

They are those words or phrases people search for in Google or other search engines when looking for their products or services or business. SEO Experts have to create content that will attract high-quality traffic to their website. At SEO company Seattle, we come up with an extensive list of keywords that would rank your website. For obtaining such a list we dig in desired audiences and search engines. They help you to reach your target customers when they search for information related to your business online. Choosing and using the right keywords is very important for any SEO keywords strategy. The SEO keywords strategy and overall business goals, you use should align with the SEO keywords you used for your business.


Why keywords are important for SEO

Keywords are important, they will make clear what words or phrases or key terms your audience search for. For SEO optimization you have to write high-quality content around the words or phrases that people search for regarding the products or services. You have to use these keywords so that your website can rank higher for those keywords or key terms. Rank your website higher in your SERPs for those search terms or keywords so that you can drive targeted traffic to your website. For any SEO campaigns, finding and researching keywords associated with your business that people search for is the 1st step. Once you have a list of right and targeted  keywords you can start working on the Important tasks like:


  • Your Site Architecture
  • Your product or category page
  • Content for blogs and others
  • Your website landing pages

There are various factors to take into account when doing keywords research and striving to up your keywords strategy. You can use Google Keyword Tool. This Tool will help you to look up average searches, competition, and relevance and all other similar keywords to be used. You should use your targeted keywords in his three places and is regarded as the best SEO practices to improve ranking. Every page on the website should be optimized to help your business gain recognition online. Using keywords throughout the content of your web pages helps Google scan it and rank it. You should research and compile keywords for each page on your site that can gain traffic and that is relevant to your business. With proper Keyword research help, you understand the keywords people research related to your products and services. You should be researching like this thinking of your targeted audience and the keywords they searched for and then creating and optimizing your website content around those targeted keywords. With the proper keywords, a research process SEO company in Denver helps in acquiring and maintaining the attention of your correct audiences. Their Effective Keyword Research process gets more benefits such as engagement of the correct audience, increase in conversion rate, ranks SERPs Position, and many more.


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