By Shane oak
October 28, 2020

Are you aspiring to become an expert in SEO? Then probably you must be wondering what set of skills do you require to become an SEO Expert. You can become professional in SEO regardless of your background. To become an SEO Expert, it doesn’t matter that from which background you come, you can be a businessman, entrepreneur, marketer, writer, developer, etc. 

Here we have mentioned the top 4 skills that you must have to become an SEO expert. 


  • CRITICAL THINKING IS A MUST: for an SEO expert, it is essential to have an analytic mind that is who can understand the SEO analytically. A person who is an SEO must understand the 3 What’s of SEO. 
  1. 1st W stands for What happened?
  2. 2nd stands for why ‘what happened’ happened?
  3. 3rd finally, what should be done about it. 
  •  ANALYTICAL SKILLS: SEO professionals, if you know how to work with google analytics, it can save their lot of time and can pull off their data. Basic knowledge of keyword Indicator can help you to plan a proper SEO strategy. If you are certified in Google Analytics, you will be pulling off the data for your costumers, and you will save a lot of time. 
  • KNOW HOW TO RESEARCH: Research is significant to run a successful SEO campaign. An SEO expert should master the skill of researching. When working for a client, you must be able to look through every angle of it while you are planning the keywords for them. Being an SEO Expert, you must know about the keywords which have high value and are in demand. You must know the difference between white and black hat SEO because it will harm the website in the long run. 
  • WRITING: Strong writing skills are important for someone who wants to be an SEO Expert. Always remember that SEO is driven by content strategy, and SEO writing is required, but not everyone is good at it. Therefore, if you are looking to be an SEO expert, you must be good at SEO writing because SEO is not all about brimming keywords. There is nothing painful than reading a blog filled with keywords, but remember that readers and googles can see it through, and it can hinder your SEO process. 

These were the top 4 skills an SEO expert must-have. 

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