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Top 10 SEO Companies of 2021

The internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years.

Today having a website on the internet isn’t enough; you need to make a space for your business on the web. Gone are those days people found websites as a credible source of business; there are chances you might not find your business if you search it using the actual name. Competition makes SEO the most relevant thing in the market. It is an industry worth $65, and you will find thousands of people providing the same services, but the best SEO companies know how to stand out.

By now, I am sure you are wondering about two things-

  1. Where to find top SEO companies?
  2. How to approach expert SEO companies to grow business organically?

We are here to answer all the questions you have and not just that we will teach you which is the perfect company for your business.

10 Top SEO Services you will find are

  1. Expert SEO Services
  2. Ignite Visibility
  3. Thrive
  4. Coalition
  5. Higher Visibility
  6. Straight North
  7. Boostability
  8. Directive
  9. Reach Local
  10. Backlink

SEO is a fast-paced industry; gone are the days when you could tweak a few keywords to improve your ranking. The high pay difficulty and SEO difficulty speaks volume for the increase in the competition we have seen in recent times. A good SEO strategy, a good website, and a data-driven approach are a must. You cannot rank well if you don’t identify your users and attract them; choosing the right company for your business is more important.

1. Expert SEO service: Among the best SEO Companies in the US

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I am sure you must be wondering, are we rooting for ourselves?

Well, not really; our clients speak for us. We provide one of the best SEO, and with the ongoing trend of digitalization of businesses, everyone needs SEO services to increase sales. At Expert SEO Services In the USA, we render our top services to our clients to give them an in-depth knowledge of their business, where they are lacking, and what should they do to improve us. Unlike many other companies, we don’t bank upon hit and trial tactics. We believe in data-driven techniques to improve business. Therefore, we have incorporated dozens of tools and dashboards that enable us to work correctly. We help you make the best decisions so that you reach up to a broader audience and develop your business.

2. Ignite Visibility

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Ignite Visibility is one of the leading digital marketing companies that provide customized SEO services customized to individual business needs. The company’s selling point is the ability they have to target local search engines to generate specific results.
Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, and Entrepreneur have featured the company in their post. It was founded in 2012, and it is going well ever since the incorporation.


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As the name suggests, Thrive thrives on being one of the best SEO companies in the USA. They have recently entered the rave of people for good quality search engine ranking strategies they set for their clients. The company offers good service, online Visibility, and rankings to its customers. They are famous for their Amazon store keyword bidding and optimization. You can opt for their service if you wish to receive acknowledgement on Amazon, significantly to improve the ranking in the catalogue of products.

4. Coalition

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The Coalition is a Top SEO Services providing company with a high customer satisfaction rate. They have had over a decade of experience providing one of the Best SEO companies in the US. The company has retained some of the most experienced people in the SEO industry. They also have notable clients like Athletics, ProMax, TRUE links wear, and Pure Bar. They provide all kinds of services.

5. Higher Visibility

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Higher Visibility won the SEO Agency of the Year in 2017 by SEL (Search Engine Lands). The company provides conversion optimization, SEO, and online traffic optimization services. Coalition partnering with them can help you find one of the most experienced problem solvers in the industry.
The company helps both small and large businesses, and they have a good reputation in the industry.

6. Straight North

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Straight North is a famous SEO company that has set the standard for proven ranking results. The team also works on improving customer profitability enhancement. Unlike many other companies, they don’t follow the old school way of account management. They offer an exclusive lead validation dashboard that helps prioritize and respond to high-value leads.

7. Boostability: Among the best SEO companies for mid size companies

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Boostability is another famous online SEO company that caters to mid-sized and small business clients. The company claims more than 25,000 clients and blames their impressive affordability and customization for success.

8. Directive

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The directive is extremely popular amongst B2B enterprises for their SEO services. The company offers a data-driven solution to SEO problems companies face. They have fantastic segmentation and market targeting strategies. Customers have praised the companies ability to offer a fantastic return on investment. They use white hat techniques which have proven of excellent help ineffectiveness.

9. Reach Local

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Reach Local has been continuously growing because of the ability to target both local and international customers. They are one of the oldest companies in SEO with experience of over 15 years. They have offices worldwide and have partnered with one of the giant conglomerates in the business world.

10. Backlinko

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Backlinko was founded by Brian Dean, who is internally recognized for his expertise in SEO and made a name for their finance website in 2012. Since the launch, they have catered to customers from different industry spaces and keep helping people through knowledge sessions.

What makes the SEO companies the best?

There is a lot of fuzz about what makes a company the best SEO company because it’s a $65 Billion industry. The competitiveness in the online space makes it vital to choose a competent SEO company to ensure they get relevant users to visit their business. A good SEO company starts by understanding the nuances of a business and its customer.

A good company will always help your business gain relevant traffic from all channels, be it informative keywords to transactional keywords. They will help you understand how search intent works, and they will help you gain more business. If you are looking for critical qualities an SEO company should have, you should look at these –

Experience and professionalism

When it comes to digital space experience and professionalism nothing can replace. Experience in SEO is the key, like any other fast-changing industry. If you want to have good results, you should look for a company with good experience. Companies with good experience will better understand a diverse set of businesses, and they will deliver excellent SEO campaigns and sales results. They will know your expectations, and they will make sure the delivery is tidy for the desired result. Expert SEO services are known for their professionalism and expertise in SEO and the entire digital marketing ecosystem.

The reputation

Always do a good background check; your website is your brand and reputation online. Clients of the SEO companies always say a thing or two about their SEO partners. Follow the testimonials but at the same time do your research, connect with them, look at their sales progress and collect all the things you can find which may help you make a better decision. You can also have a close look at the customer they are serving. Some companies put all the good clients on their website; you can visit and read about the clients and look at the client’s blogs to access organic traffic.

Keeps up with the trend

Top SEO companies keep evolving with new technologies. Data is the new oil, and it’s essential to leverage the advantage data gives business. A good SEO company is like a watch bird keeping an eye on regular updates and changes the search organization business sees. They will look at these constantly evolving techniques and analyze them to be applied to their client’s businesses. With Google’s algorithm changing rapidly, it’s essential to keep an eye on all the changes. Make sure your business is in intelligent hands.

Professional and Expert Team

A good team will make your experience effortless, and it is crucial for a good SEO company. You don’t want to fall for a sword fight with the SEO company.
There is also a saying good companies hire good people, and a good company will keep training its employees to keep up with the changing landscape of the SEO industry. They will also invest in the tools and new technologies to maximize the growth potential of their clients. The nourishment of staff enables companies to keep up their reputation in the industry.

Ethical Methodology Of the SEO Companies

Ethics and values play a crucial role; if companies use unfair means to expand their business, there is a possibility they can play you as well. The best SEO companies continuously invest in white hat SEO techniques to improve business. Good companies stay away from all the black hat techniques people entire off their sleaves this day, such as doorway pages, invisible text, and spams to improve the reach. It may rank your page better in the short run but may misalign you from your customers. There is a chance a company may also sue you, or your website may earn a ban. This is the reason for using the correct White hat techniques becomes extremely vital to enhance your business.

Realistic and honest timelines

Beware of the fake and unrealistic promises companies use to lure customers; Expert SEO services use standard business plans hence keeping it realistic for everyone. We connect our customers with a professional from our company who assists the potential client and gives a realistic and honest timeline on how to improve and grow a business. We form strategies by studying the market and your business. There are top brands in the market, and sometimes it’s not possible to rank better than them because they use organic reach and have the financial might to bid on the correct set of keywords consistently. With a good company like Expert SEO services, you will sustain an improvement over time.

Customized billing packages: Do consider SEO companies as per your budget

Well, not everyone needs one bundled service; there are small, mid-size, and large businesses. SEO companies cater, and this is why customized plans are essential. You can get a free Audit from Expert SEO services for all kinds of business. We take our time to analyze your business and the goals you may have, and this is vital to customize the plan, which is more apt for you. Our focus is on your return on investment, unlike companies focusing on your budget. We are open to changes, and we also offer great flexibility.

Regular and planned communication: Choose SEO companies who communicate

You deserve to hire a company that can communicate and updates you on the upcoming changes and challenges in the digital space. Expert SEO services have a fantastic account management system; we keep our clients updated on the progress of all the campaigns we run. It helps us enhance their experience and helps us understand the client’s new goal. We connect to our clients through all the channels: emails, telephone, or video calls.


Change is vital; as you grow in your business, the old SEO strategies may not work; yes, you heard it correct, they stop making sense after a while. Good companies understand this, and they are flexible with strategy; they keep improving the techniques they use to boost the reach. They will also constantly consult you and inform you about the changes required. Expert SEO services believe in effortless communication, and we let our customers and clients know the changes required and if they are comfortable with the changes we are eyeing to make. Hence flexibility is essential for the improvement of your Search engine rankings.


Search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies are a vital part of a business nowadays. Most people with mobile phones and laptops browse businesses; this is why companies need to hire the best SEO companies. Expert SEO services set the best example in the SEO space. We focus not only on SEOs, but also handle sizeable digital marketing campaigns.

We believe patience is the key when it comes to SEO, you cannot grow your reputation in one day online, yes virality sometimes can enhance the reputation of a business, but it’s like finding a needle inside a haystack. You cannot bank upon virality and companies claiming about virality. It would be best if you lay a good foundation for your business online. We treat our clients’ business as our own business, speak for us, and help us grow. Unlike companies relying on old-school bidding and focusing on volumes of keywords in blogs to enhance traffic, we focus on data-driven techniques which show proven success.

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