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By Devid Coman
november 18, 2020

When you are searching for a new product to buy? Where do you land up? “Amazon right. The world’s biggest e-commerce platform is responsible for online sales of more than 40%. With many other competitors already present, selling your product on the biggest platform requires smart and strategic thinking.

If you want to turn browsers into buyers, Here are some tips to get your sales to lift up and boost your traffic on amazon by doing SEO.

1. Selection of the best keywords

Selecting the best and right keywords to describe your product pages can actually improve your ranking and eventually influence your sales. How do shoppers find you on Amazon? By selecting the right keywords shoppers find themselves landing on your page. With proper keywords research and using the long-tail keywords. Buyers find you because buyers also use long-tail keywords for searching the products on Amazon.

Once you figure out the right keywords you need to include them in your product title and descriptions which will help your products appear in the Search engine of Amazon.

If you are looking for a company that will do keyword research for Amazon then you are in the right place.

2. Products need to be discovered

Ensuring that your products need to be shown up in your ideal customer search is essential for driving traffic. By selecting the right keywords your products will be discovered, After that Amazon decides where your products will be ranked in the SERPs. Amazon won’t rank your product if Amazon thinks your products won’t result in maximum sales. You need to make sure 

  • Your products are relevant for searches.
  • Your products will be converted
  • Your Products will be delivered on time.
  • Show Amazon that your top priority is customer satisfaction.

3. Managing the Products reviews

Reviews play a crucial role in any business. Whenever a person searches for a product first and the foremost thing a person sees is the 4 star or 5-star rating of the products. With these ratings, he will be encouraged to buy that product.

4. Optimization for Mobile

About 63% of people are using mobile devices for online shopping. You need to check everything looks optimal when viewed on mobile devices because while doing Amazon SEO you need to consider all aspects of the product page that will look different on smartphones and tablets.

5. Create a good customer experience

Similar to the other selling channels, Amazon making an extraordinary purchasing experience for your clients is an approach to stand apart from competitors. To create an unmatched customer experience you need to be :

  • You need to be transparent
  • Offer your story
  • Customized communication

Top 5 Best Amazon Tools 

There are plenty of tools for Amazon SEO but which one is the best, and worth your marketing budget. 

The following are the top 5 Amazon Seo Tools that are to be used for Amazon Seo. 

  1. KeywordsFX

It is a free Amazon keyword tool, using this tool your business can research keywords for Amazon, as well as for Google. Besides keywords for your product listings, you can discover questions or concerns to address in your product description.


It is a paid Amazon keyword research tool. By purchasing this tool your business can access the following keyword data:

  • Search volume
  • Cost-per-click
  • Competitiveness
  • Search volume trends
  • Filter search results with negative keywords
  1.   Sellics

It is the most expensive Amazon SEO tool. It is a platform for optimizing your presence and growing your revenue on Amazon. With Sellics you can 

  •  Research keywords, 
  • Optimize ad spend,
  •  Manage reviews
  1.     Jungle Scout

It is a paid tool, in which your business receives an Amazon SEO toolkit. You can use Jungle Scout to:

  • Research keywords
  • Track keyword performance and rankings over time
  • Build SEO-friendly product listings
  • Request Amazon reviews
  • Manage promotions
  1.   Amazon

Amazon offers valuable data about a keyword’s search intent. Tools are only as effective as the users behind them, which is why many Amazon sellers partner with an Amazon SEO agency. With our agency, you get the ultimate tool for Amazon SEO. 

Amazon SEO is fundamental for every business selling on Amazon. If your company can’t optimize your listing for SEO, you will battle to sell items and make money. That is the reason it’s basic to either figure out how to rank on Amazon or recruit an Amazon SEO agency that does. Let Expert Seo services in the US help to optimize your Amazon SEO ranking.

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