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By Palak
AUG 2 2021

Can your visitors determine what your company does within five seconds of visiting your site? Can users easily navigate each page on your website if they need to? Is the layout of your pricing policy easily understandable? Does your website have a low bounce rate on your website? 

If your answer to the above question is No, it’s time to look at the way you have been optimizing & designing your website. A website will rank in the SERPs when it has a design that feeds your website’s user, functionality & content. A successful website has high-quality content with an exceptional user experience.

For an SEO friendly website, you can’t be ignoring the design flaws, navigation issues, or confusing layouts, or missed conversion opportunities. 


Why is it important to have a great Web Design?

It is important to have a great web design as it is important for any business that is trying to find visibility & ranking online, but if a website doesn’t have good search rankings & visibility, then very few people will be able to see it. To avoid a website that is not searching engine friendly, you simply need to take into consideration some basic SEO principles and good content practices. A web designer will take your basic information and then turn it into a beautiful website that is user friendly, easy to navigate, and fits in with best practices.


Here are the Top 5 great SEO  Web designing tips that should be kept in mind while designing an SEO friendly website.


Top  SEO web design Tips to be kept in mind by web designers  


1] Implementing the mobile-friendly design

A Web designer while designing the website should know that mobile-friendly design is a key part of a successful SEO friendly website. A website that had not had a mobile-friendly design will lose in competition with others & users become disinterested, bored, and get lost in the navigation. The most appropriate way to create a mobile-friendly design is to keep your users as well as search engines in mind. The website design reflects a business brand, it is more authentic and appealing for users. 

Having a well-organized website with different category pages makes the design more appealing to the users. The website is to be responsive and effective, keeping it in an organized manner. Overall, mobile responsiveness is an essential factor at this point in time. Your website should be designed in such a way that it works very well on all device sizes. You can use responsive design/or media queries with CSS to adapt the style of the page for your site.

You must consider using a mobile-friendly or “mobile-first” approach when designing your website, which means you build an experience for the mobile devices first instead of larger screen devices.


2] Design URLs for search friendliness

To design a good SEO friendly website, it is essential to make your URLs look good is an important factor to be considered by web designers. The shorter the URL, the easier to crawl, Remembered by anyone & hence making them friendly. So hence, having an organized URL structure is an important SEO web design tip.

Search friendly URLs are not URLs that are hard to crawl. The best URLs contain keywords that help describe the content of the page. When it comes to improving your web design, it is also essential to keep in mind to add a clean URL & accurate Meta description. As it will allow Google to understand what your content is about, smart way of ensuring your website ranking with ease

It is the way of ensuring your website ranking with ease, thus the exact URL and Meta descriptions will bring positive benefits to the site. To have ultimate growth in your business, you must describe your brand with target keywords. To have maximum benefits, it is important to use a consistent URL structure because it will help you in the near future.


3] Use your content in the Headers 

Along with keeping your website mobile-friendly in design, making clean and organized URLs, the web designers should be considering headers to keep the content organized and catch up the users attention. Headers are very helpful in organizing content and making it flow and read better. From the SEO point of view adding keywords into the content & H1, H2, & H3 tags  Coming from an SEO standpoint, adding keywords into the content and H1, H2, and H3 tags can help your keywords rank. Which will help your website rank higher against the competitors. Headers help to keep your design and content in an organized manner, thus adding SEO value to it.

4] Optimize Image Alt attributes 

Image Alt attributes play a crucial role in promoting the business. Having high-quality images, you have chances to get more organic traffic. To add more value to your blog post, you need to add the right image that will make your website design look great.  The web designer should keep in mind the visual aspects, as visual aspects help to attract, keep, and convert users to using your site. One of the most important SEO web design tips is to optimize your images. Image optimization includes having the correct image size, adding alt text to the image, checking the quality of the images and styling the images. All of these web design tips to be considered to make your image optimization up to par. Image optimization will boost the overall SEO and organic traffic.


5] Design with website speed in mind 

Designing with site speed in mind is one of the most important SEO tips for web designers. Optimizing your website with design aspects that help improve your site’s speed & thus increasing the value of your site. The page load time should be under 2 secs. This is a challenge, as Google puts users first in everything it does. So, if your site is faster than others, it will be rewarded by Google. This has now become one of the fundamentals for an effective SEO web design plan. 

These web design tips help you get the design aspects of your website. Expert SEO Services uses white SEO practices to improve visibility online. They have web designers that will design websites to ensure a better user experience, which is becoming a crucial factor in SEO. Contact us now to learn how we can help your web designers grow with our professional SEO services. 



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