SEO best practices to improve ranking one must follow.


By Palak
SEP 15, 2021

What is SEO Best practices?

SEO Best practices are all sets of tasks or methods designed at improving a site’s search engine ranking. Some of the common SEO best practices include on-site optimizing, Keywords research, Building backlinks and all other activities. 

If you are not ranking on the TOP 10 Google results for your target keywords your website might be invisible on Google.

According to HUBSPOT —  75% of searchers never goes to the second page of the search results. It is very important to rank on the first page of GOOGLE. 

There are Millions of bloggers writing and publishing fresh content every day all around the world.   Every other company is investing time and resources in business blogging. Business blogging has become a necessity for several reasons.  If your web content is properly, intelligently and holistically structured on appropriate pages, then your pages are easily crawlable and visible by the search engines that increase your credibility and awareness of your brand. As a result of this your page ranks higher in search engine results, it will more likely to increase more visitors and click through it. 

There are a lot of people looking for a piece of information,  you need to make your content surface to the readers. For this, you need to use the best SEO practices. ExpertSEOservices use best SEO practices and techniques to help you rank on the first page of GOGGLE. SEO companies in Seattle possess analytical, technical, content strategy, and program management skills for ranking on the top pages for SERPS.  

We have covered Top best SEO practices to follow on every page of your website. 



Using HTTPS on your website pages will make pages on your site more secure information being encrypting that is sent between the visitor and the server. It is one of Google’s ranking factors. You can see a locking bar on your browser. If there is no lock icon before the URL of the website page then you need to install an SSL certificate. 

HTTPS  is the one-time job to be performed. At SEO companies in Seattle, SEO technicians install these certificates to make every page secure. Once installed by them on every page on your site will be secured for future use.

Make sure pages load faster 

If your website takes too much time to load, nobody will visit your site again as it has created a negative impact on the visitors. That is why page speed is a very important factor for making SEO friendly on mobiles and on desktops. There are a lot of factors that affect the page speed like your site’s code, server location and images etc. 

Use Google page speed Insight Tool. With this tool, you only need to plug in your website URL, after that it will tell you your website loading speed. You can also use the free tool GT Metrix. This tool provides insights into your page speed and gives you recommendations on how to improve the loading time for your website. 

Using The Right Keywords In 3 places 

Using the Right keywords in three places is the main aspect of SEO. Using your targeted words in Title Tags, H1, URL is one of the best practices SEO practices to improve traffic and engagement. For Optimizing your blogs, you should identify and use keywords that are most relevant to your topic. You can use Google Keyword Tool. This Tool will help you to look up average searches, competition, and relevance and all other similar keywords to be used. You should use your targeted keywords in his three places and is regarded as the best SEO practices to improve ranking. 

Create and publish fresh content 

It is important to create and publish fresh content on the website that provides useful information for all the readers. Like other search engines, especially Google loves updated and fresh content. There should be originality in the content. When writing an SEO friendly blog you should divide the blog into different Subheadings and break your copy. So that search engines can easily scan and index your post. This will help in google understanding what your blog is all about thus helping in squeezing the effectiveness of the topic. It tends to rank better on search engines. SEO company in Seattle makes each post more scannable, uses more short paragraphs, bulleted points, number lists and quotes to help readers pick up the key points quickly and easily finding out about the information they need. Make sure to include CTA for promoting your social media for generating more traffic. 

Optimizing Images 

Optimizing Images mean compressing images for loading faster. Add Alt tags and use descriptive file names for optimizing Images.

Alt tags and File names help google in understanding the files’ names of the images. That helps your page rank for long-tail keywords in the search and in google images. Alt tags are not just important for Google, but for visitors too. In case your images fail to load, the browser will show Alt tags to explain what the images would have been. In America, 8.1 million Americans have a vision impairment so they use screen readers. These readouts loud the alt tags.

Using the best SEO practices is a good way to start, but are not just enough for a ranking. For more information about SEO best practices. 

Contact SEO company in SEATTLE for SEO Services.  







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