By Shane oak
October 15, 2021

How we increased the sales from 0 to 21,371 users on a specific niche market in 5 months. ONLY relevant targeted audience.

We use marketing tactics to target a niche market to attract and convert a specific market segment with various unique preferences and demands. The advantage of targeting a niche market is that it has its own needs, preferences, and identity.

See How We Drive Massive Amounts of Traffic and increase sales in a niche market by including relevant, targeted audiences. 

Advantages of targeting in niche marketing and thereby increasing sales.

There are various advantages that niche markets offer over others and help us. Let’s explore some of those positive aspects to target in a niche market.

We Helped to Make You More Visible to the Right Audience

We narrow the focus to reach and be more visible to only relevant customers by targeting a niche market. As a result, we started to stand out from the crowd with various SEO strategies designed for those most likely to be interested in products or services.

We Helped you to Optimize Your Marketing Budget.

Focusing on a niche allows us to target a specific segment that is more likely to desire or purchase the product or services, rather than focusing on reaching a wider audience where you get few conversions. As a result, we spend less on our marketing budget while enjoying better conversions.

 Reduces the Competition

Targeting a niche market has the advantage of less competition as a niche market allows you to market a product or service to a specific group. As your business becomes more specialized, you could see fewer direct competitors.


Top 5 Strategies we Use in Niche Market to Reach only relevant, targeted audiences.

Let’s look at five strategies we use in niche markets that helped us to reach, attract, and convert only relevant, targeted audiences. 

We make use of more General keywords in the niche market.

We make use of more general keywords as it brings in more right traffic. It would be better for bringing in the right traffic. The important effective SEO strategy we use for our client is to use those search terms that our targeted audience uses in the search engines. As their customer search queries will be in the natural language and unlikely to have specific keywords. We use these types of keywords as it has ultra-low search volumes and can drive more traffic. 

If you want us to plan a Niche SEO strategy to increase sales by using the right keywords to drive traffic for you, then you are in the right place. 

Do Extensive Audience Research

We did extensive audience research in the niche market for our client by understanding our targeted audience’s unique demands. Our SEO team of experts in Seattle understands what their targeted audience wants and how they want it delivered. If you also want to increase sales in a niche market, you must conduct extensive audience research. 

Our process of Audience research in a niche market for our client involves:

  • We use various social listening tools to monitor what people are saying about the brand, products, or services. Doing so helped us and will help you know what they’re looking for from brands like yours. 
  • Then we did competitor research for our client and checked out the kind of audience their competitors reach and how well they engage with them. 
  • Finally, we develop buyer personas for our client’s customers. Creating buyer personas for our ideal customers helped us understand them better.

Understanding our client’s targeted audience helped us to understand their unique needs and preferences. You must also conduct extensive audience research to understand how best to reach your targeted customers. It also helps us and will help you in understanding their pain points and how to address them. 

We Choose our Platforms Carefully

It will depend upon business to business as to which platform your target audience uses. We have carefully chosen our client’s platforms for reaching their audiences, which they use regularly. 

You don’t have to be everywhere on every platform; it will completely depend upon your business. We just appeared on the platforms our audience frequents. So we Carefully selected the platforms that helped us maximize your marketing budget and only focused our energy and resources on platforms that could give you a good return.

We Build Relationships 

We build relationships for our clients as the number of customers in the niche market is limited; we continuously devise ways to drum up business. 

Here are some of the ways we did this:

  • Build Relationships With our Audience

Our main reason for success in a niche market was building relationships with our audience and customers. As relationships result in more repeat customers, it’s generally easier to retain than acquire a new one.

  • Utilize Strategic Partnerships

The second reason for our success in a niche market was of utilizing Strategic partnerships. It helped us understand our audience better and are in a better position to identify opportunities and threats in your Niche. 

You really can’t ignore the relationships and partnerships when it comes to niche marketing. Once you have built trust and people know you, it can become easier to sell to them.

We Establish ourselves As an Authority in our Niche.

The biggest challenge we face in the niche market is establishing ourselves as an Authority in our Niche. Once we establish ourselves as an authority in our niche market, we win our customers’ trust. Because of their unique preferences, they know you can deliver as promised.

That’s why part of your niche marketing strategy must include establishing yourself as an authority in your Niche. 

We use few ways to establish our authority in the Niche includes:

  • We Created valuable resources like blog posts, case studies, and white papers to showcase our client’s expertise and build authority.
  • We have Given free advice that leverages niche forums and social media to engage our niche target audience. As you do so, give free advice. It helps us in showing clients’ customers that they understand their needs.
  • We Run webinars to educate and inform our audience to help us find what they need.

Once we establish ourselves as an authority in your Niche, customers come looking for us, and their word of mouth could result in free marketing.


To target, a Niche market can be tricky if you don’t use a proper niche marketing strategy. Seo agency in Seattle uses a proper niche marketing strategy to optimize your marketing budget, increase your conversion rates and reduces your competition.

Our clients are the ones who innovate, solve problems together, bring together cross-functional expertise and knowledge to build an app & see a new solution.

Our Target-Audience includes startups looking for funding and compliance services, technical development, and funding assistance for any startup company. 

We Target Cities like Delhi, Gurgaon and our audiences are included in this area only. 

Problem?  They face different problems like ZERO visits and traffic on their website, and they also Want to increases visibility and traffic in a specific niche market.  

Solution:  We find the right general Keywords that are relevant to the web content. Then we drive traffic through sales-funnel by using relevant social media platforms-  Finally, we establish them as an authority by giving a Free e-Book download option to get more FREE subscribers. 


– In Just 5 months, clients have started getting more and more inquiries from the LOCAL MARKET and started increasing sales in niche markets from the relevant, targeted audiences. Also, we built a database of loyal customers for future marketing. 

With an SEO agency in Seattle, unlock massive amounts of SEO traffic to your business. 

See real results.

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