What is On-page SEO? Why is it important and what are its ranking factors?


By Palak
SEP 17, 2021

Those components on the website that focus on optimizing different elements on your websites like content, page speed, keywords and all other factors are within the control of the website. 


On-page SEO are those practices taken for optimising pages on the websites to rank them higher and earn more relevant traffic and visibility in search engines from the SERPS. This is the foundation for the SEO process. On-page SEO involves using the right keywords in your title and page copy and meta description. Using Meta description that stands out in SEO. Use of HTML code title tags. On-page SEO involves all those measures taken within your website for improving its position in search ranking. On-page optimization aims to make your website look more usable and more valuable to users for improving your ranking and traffic in search results on GOOGLE. 

On-page SEO leads to higher search ranking, which leads to increased traffic to your website that leads to more and more conversions. This on-page optimization takes time but using the right on-page strategy you can make your online ranking higher in SERPS.



On-page SEO is important to identify whether the searcher’s query is relevant to your site or not. It is the process of analysing your website and content. Your website, it’s content including all i.e visible to users and visible to search engines should be optimized according to the latest practices authorized by GOOGLE and other search engines. Following the SEO practices will help them in understanding your website and know how to rank it.

Whether you have a small or large business it is important to optimize the on-page SEO of a website, as it offers the best ROI of any digital strategy with its low cost and long term benefits that will help the website to bring passive traffic in the near future.

As more than half of the search traffic comes from Google and other search engines. Your website missed the opportunity to rank for search queries specific to the business. Without On-page SEO your website is missing out on the opportunity to rank for particular search queries specific to your business and without proper on-page SEO strategy your site might get pushed back from search results by other competitors present. 


On-page SEO Ranking  Factors :

For the success of your website, there are important elements that are crucial for the success of your site. Optimizing these are a key part of maintaining an on-page strategy. It is very important for SEO optimization. In this, you construct your website pages and install different methods for improving search engine ranking on SERP to get more Traffic.   

For this, there are certain factors that make an on-page SEO activity successful that includes Keywords research, optimizing URL, Meta, Title, header tags, content placement, images and many others.


Keywords Research

Creating content by performing keyword research to tell you what keywords to target and topics to cover in the On-page SEO. Keyword research is the process of finding these popular keywords that are relevant for your business and can drive traffic to your website called Keyword Research. On your website, each page on your site should include text content that discusses the page topic. Every page on the website should be optimized to help your business gain recognition online. Using keywords throughout the content of your web pages helps Google scan it and rank it. You should research and compile keywords for each page on your site that can gain traffic and that is relevant to your business. With proper Keyword research help, you understand the keywords people research related to your products and services.

You should be researching like this thinking of your targeted audience and the keywords they searched for and then creating and optimizing your website content around those targeted keywords. With the proper keywords, a research process SEO company in Denver helps in acquiring and maintaining the attention of your correct audiences. Their Effective Keyword Research process gets more benefits such as engagement of the correct audience, increase in conversion rate, ranks SERPs Position, and many more.


Optimizing The URL

The structure of your page URLs has an impact on your search engine ranking. A jumbled URL with mixed characters and words doesn’t help search engines learn about the pages. On the other hand, a URL that follows a simple structure that is more concise and incorporates the targeted keyword is an SEO-friendly URL. Using keywords in a URL can be referred to as one of the best SEO practices and the first three to five words in a URL structure contribute more weight to the website. SEO company in Denver provides the best SEO services in Denver with proper structuring of URLs with specific and targeted keywords that will give good page rank and increase traffic in search engines like Google.


Content Optimization

Content Optimization focuses on using specific and targeted keywords specific places for the highest ranking for a particular keyword targeted. It encourages the website owners to get top SERPs Rankings for that keyword when the search query about that particular keyword is searched by the searcher. Keyword frequency and density, relevancy, usefulness, and progression are crucial things to be considered under Content Optimization.


Meta tags

Meta tags are the most important factor of On-Page SEO. It has four fundamental components:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Robots Tag

Meta tags are invisible tags providing data and information about your page to search engines and website visitors.

In short, they make it easier for search engines like Google for determining what your content is all about that is vital for SEO. Meta tags are placed in the HEAD section of an HTML document, and so they need to be coded in your CMS. These tags give more details about your site to search engines and the visitors who encountered your site in the SERP. They are to be optimized for highlighting the most important elements of your content and thus making your website stand out in search results from the other competitors. Meta tags provide the information and ensure that the information searchers need to know about your website is displayed in a concise and useful manner.

Optimizing meta tags can improve:

  • Click-through rate (CTR).
  • The quality of the result.
  • Your website offers all changes.


Title Tags

Title tags are HTML code tags that allow you to give a web page a title for which the content is about. Title tags are found in the browser title bar, as well as in the search engine results pages (SERP). It’s crucial to add and optimise your website’s title tags, which plays an essential part in organic ranking in (SEO). In fact, it is one of the main SEO elements that we can’t ignore along with the URL, meta description tag, H1 tag, ALT attribute and links (backlinks and internal links.

Note that this title tag limits in pixels and in characters  The title tag have an impact on organic rankings. Often title tags can be Missing or either duplicate or written can have a negative impact on your SEO results, so make sure to optimize title tags for better results.



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