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We provide Amazon Expert SEO services which involve the most advanced product listing techniques and software that can boost your sales, online visibility as well as your market position.

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Do you list your products on Amazon? Does your product not appear on the top searches? Do you know anything about Amazon SEO? Do not worry, we at Expert SEO services USA are here to guide you everything about Amazon SEO. We are one of the leading company who provides the reliable Amazon SEO services. We all when think of SEO. 

we think it is totally associated with Google. Yes it is, you all need better rankings on google.

You would not only be selling your products on your website but would also be selling at different platforms. If you are having your selling page on Amazon, then you would be waiting for customers to shop your products. 

Are you failing to do the amazon SEO? 

If you are not doing right SEO, then you will eventually fail in getting traffic. It is essential for you to understand that Amazon’s search Algorithm does not work like google’s SEO. Getting Ranking in Amazon is not that easy as you might be thinking.

Amazon is a buying platform and you need to get your products at the top to get sales. We at Expert SEO services can do the amazon SEO for you. The experts at our backend are professionals who make dedicated efforts to meet your requirements. Get the Amazon SEO services from the professional company – Expert SEO services.

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All about Amazon’s Search Algorithm

A9 is known as Amazon’s search algorithm because the same company handles its SEO. Amazon is the world’s biggest economic site which only cares about selling things efficiently. Though people search items in different ways on Google, thus Amazon shows you the results according to Relevance and Performance. All you need is to alter your amazon’s product page to get the right ranking. This optimization will allow you to get more sales.

Factors to get Ranking on Amazon

Relevance Related Factors

You need to make use of right keywords in your Amazon pages. Let us see the ranking factors which enhance the ranking on Amazon:
  • The title of your product: As far as the relevance is concerned, the most essential element in the Amazon SEO is the title of the product which enhances the ranking factor. You need to put the relevant keyword in your product’s title. Tips to optimize your product name:
  1. Add the name of brand
  2. Add a clear description about your product
  3. Add a specific material
  4. Mention the product color
  5. Clear the size of the product
  6. Mention the quantity of the product if any

In the White hat SEO patterns, if you stuff the keywords unnecessarily, you end up harming the rankings as you will end up making a title which does not seem natural.

  • Seller Name : Do release the impact of seller name as a ranking factor. Use the main keywords for the product within the seller name.

  • Backend Keywords of Amazon : Backend keywords also known as hidden keywords area only used in the backend section of Amazon Seller’s Account. The main role of these backend keywords are to tell the Amazon’s algorithm about a product listing that this is the main targeted keyword for the product. The rules for filling the Amazon backend field keywords are:

  1. Do not do repetition of words
  2. Ignore the commas
  3. Do not add much variations of single word
  4. Add synonyms of every word
  • Field of your brand name : Any product’s brand field name is necessary to show up so make sure you spell your brand properly. Try to understand the keywords by using keyword search tool to know the variations searched for any brand name.
  • Bullet points and Product description : Both of these things go simultaneously as they tell details to a customer about a product. This is the chance of telling things in detail appropriately. Also, you need to add your important keywords here. Make sure you make the copy easy to read and convincing enough from the sales points. Make sure you write the bullet points in catchy way as users generally go through the bullet points fastly

Performance Related Factors

Performance factors are not easy to control because things holding more value than keywords play significant role in this part. You need to have a good understanding of the performance factors as well.

  • Product’s Price : If the price set by you is among the competitor’s price then surely you will get a conversion rate. The product price surely affect the Amazon’s conversion rate. It is essential for you to carefully note what others are charging for the same type of product and charge accordingly to maintain the search ranking.
  • Product Images : High quality images have shown to be giving high conversion rates. Similarly, this has effects in an Amazon product page as well. Amazon ask the sellers to add high quality and bigger images. The picture qualities should be as per the guidelines which will then enhance the conversion rate as well for you.
  • Amazon Reviews : It is essential that you have good amazon reviews as people do look out for the reviews before buying any product. This is thus going to affect the conversion rate and search rankings.

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